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        产品名称:Douglas Instruments



        产品特点:Protein Crystallization Robot for Sitting Drop and Microbatch Screening and Optimization

        Oryx4Douglas Instruments的详细资料:

        Only 9.79µl of protein to set up a 96-well plate

        Use any single or multi-drop plate

        Additive screens

        Sitting drop and Microbatch screening



        Crystallization methods                           1.Sitting Drop


        Computer requirements                             Windows 2000 / XP

        Vapor Diffusion Method 

        Volume of droplet                                 0.2 to 10 µl

        Plates accommodated                               All high quality plates can be used

        Number of wells dispensed                         1 to 96x3

        Microbatch Method

        Volume range of crystalisation trial               0.2 to 10 µl

        Volume of protein dispensed per trial              0.1 to 10 µl

        Number of trials set up per run                    1 to 192 (or more)


        Number of bores                                     3 or 2

        Cross - section of microtip at tip                  0.45 - 0.95mm

        Internal diameter of each bore                      100 µm - 475 µm

        Dead volume                                         Zero

        Material                                            Water repellent fluoropolymer

        Universal Syringe Driver

        Number of discrete steps

         for syringe volume                                 More than 44,000

        R.M.S.error per step                                +/- 8%

        Nominal maximum error per step                      16%

        Nominal maximum cumulative

         error over complete linear

         displacement                                        2 steps

        Automatic XYZV Plate Loader

        Linear displacement of table:

        Travel,first horizontal axis (X)                     321 mm

        Travel,second horizontal axis (Y)                    151 mm

        Travel,first vertical axis (Z)                       52 mm

        Travel,second vertical axis (V)                      52 mm

        Nominal maximum cumulative

        error over complete linear

         displacement                                        0.1 mm

        Length required on bench                             670 mm

        Depth required on bench                              610 mm  

        Douglas instruments蛋白结晶

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